Patient receiving chemotherapy


If chemotherapy is part of your cancer care plan, depend on ProHealth Care for treatments in a comfortable, supportive environment that encourages healing.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy, or chemo, uses drugs to kill cancer cells or stop them from growing. It’s a type of systemic therapy, which means the medication you take reaches and affects cells all over your body.

How is chemotherapy used?

Chemotherapy may be the only treatment in your care plan, or it may be used in combination with other treatments. Your care plan might include chemotherapy to:

  • Shrink a tumor before surgery or radiation therapy.
  • Make radiation therapy more effective.
  • Kill cancer cells that remain after surgery or radiation therapy.

Types of chemotherapy

Your doctor will recommend a chemotherapy drug based on your type of cancer, needs and overall care plan. Your chemotherapy may be given:

  • As a shot, or injection
  • By mouth (oral chemotherapy)
  • Intravenously, or through an IV (infusion therapy)

Calming infusion therapy area

Receive infusion therapy in a soothing, comfortable environment. The infusion areas at ProHealth Care include private rooms, semi-enclosed spaces and small group areas.


Take advantage of amenities designed to make your treatments as comfortable as possible, including:

  • Essential oils
  • Pillows
  • Warm blankets
  • Water, juice and crackers

What to bring to chemo

The length of your chemotherapy session depends on your care plan. Help pass the time by bringing:

  • Friends and family members
  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone and headphones
  • Books or magazines
  • Board games or playing cards
  • Snacks

Coping with side effects of chemo

Rely on ProHealth to help you manage side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Learn about our cancer support and wellness services.

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