Service of Remembrance

Thank you for visiting our page for the virtual Service of Remembrance.

Traditionally, ProHealth AngelsGrace Hospice and our Home Hospice Services hold a memorial service each spring. The service honors and remembers those we have had the opportunity to care for, as they reached the end of life’s journey. It also offers support and healing to family and friends.

Being together in person can provide a sense of community and caring as you grieve. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold the service in person. We wish we could safely gather together. 

We hope the online service above can offer you some comfort and peace. The online format will allow you to view the service more than once and share it with others. If we can support you in other ways, we encourage you to reach out.


The staff and volunteers of ProHealth AngelsGrace Hospice and Home Hospice Services.

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