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Lab services

Medical laboratories test a sample of your blood, saliva or other body fluids or tissue. When your doctor orders a lab test, choose ProHealth Care for timely, accurate results.

Wide range of diagnostic laboratory services available

Select one of ProHealth Care’s convenient labs in the Waukesha County area when you need a test that:

  • Checks for signs of a medical condition.
  • Measures how well treatment is working.
  • Reveals changes in your health.
  • Screens for substance use.

ProHealth Care’s laboratory services are managed by ACL Laboratories, a community-based testing laboratory, and staffed by its team of pathologists.

For a complete list of tests performed by the Laboratory Services team, visit https://cdos.halfpenny.com/ACL/phc. Call 262-928-2015 for more information.

Convenient locations and hours

Find ProHealth Care labs and blood draw locations near where you live, work or get care. Many of our lab services locations offer evening and weekend hours – so you can schedule an appointment at a time that’s best for you.

Preparing for your test

If your doctor or employer orders a lab test, you may receive instructions about how to prepare for it. Follow the instructions to make sure you get accurate results. If you aren’t able to take all the steps to prepare, you may need to reschedule a test.

Test results

You may get the results of some lab tests in the same visit as the test. It can take up to a few days to get other test results. Your doctor’s office will contact you when the results are ready. You’ll also learn whether you need to make any follow-up appointments. If you have a ProHealth MyChart account, you can view your results online as soon as they become available.

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Call 262-928-2105 for help finding the ProHealth Care lab location closest to you. Or, search our online directory.

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