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When you use ProHealth Care’s occupational health services, you gain access to our secure online employer portal. Use the portal to check the health status of your employees and make sure they receive proper medical treatment.

Client Connection

With Client Connection, our online employer portal, you can view:

  • Drug test results from an employee screening
  • Status of an injured employee
  • Upcoming appointments for an injured employee
  • Employment-related immunization records
  • Results of employment-related tests, including tuberculosis (TB) screenings

Drug test results

Only negative drug test results (no drugs detected) are available through the portal. Contact ProHealth occupational health to get drug test results in cases where results were positive (drugs were detected) or the employee refused to take the test.

Safe, secure and confidential

Feel confident that your employees’ results are kept confidential in our secure client portal. The portal:

  • Requires a combined ID/password log-in.
  • Is encrypted, which means that data can only be seen by someone who knows the correct ID/password log-in.
  • Ensures employers can access data for their employees only.

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Client Connection

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