Biometric screenings and health risk assessments

Get information to improve employee health and productivity. Health risk assessments, biometric screenings and other tools from ProHealth Care’s occupational health services help employees make better, more informed health choices.

Employee tools

Employees can use the following ProHealth resources to learn about their health and find out how they can improve and maintain their well-being.

Biometric screening

During a biometric screening, a nurse meets one-on-one with your employees to:

  • Check blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Draw blood to measure cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides.
  • Measure height, weight and waist circumference.

Biometric screening results can provide your employees with a picture of their overall well-being and help detect health conditions.

Health risk assessment

Your employees can gain insight into how their habits affect their health when they complete a Personal Health Profile™. This online survey can be customized for your organization and may include questions about topics such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and tobacco.

Health score

With My Health Score™, your employees can see where they stand on the health and wellness continuum. Individual scores are based on their biometric screening and Personal Health Profile. The profile considers:

  •  Biometric screening results
  •  Body composition
  •  Healthy behaviors
  •  Participation in preventive health care
  •  Presence of diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease

Employees may track their score over time so they can see how their efforts improve their health.

Personal health risk reports

A personal health risk report informs each employee of their personal health risks and shows them how to improve their health by making lifestyle changes. Your employees can use their reports as benchmarks to track changes and trends.

Employees participating in lunch and learn.

Free lunch and learns

Participate in biometric screenings and health risk assessments, and help your employees learn more about health and wellness through four, free 30-minute lunch and learn programs.

My Health Tools™

Your employees will find support for their health goals through My Health Tools™. This service provides content including:

  • Health articles that address specific health needs
  • Health trackers
  • Links to recommended websites

Tools for employers

Learn more about the health of your workplace and see how it could impact your business with the following ProHealth Care tools.

Workforce Health Profile™

After your employees complete their biometric screenings and Personal Health Profiles, you’ll get aggregate data about key health risks in your workforce. See how many employees are affected by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other risk factors. Then work with your occupational health specialists to figure out which workplace wellness programs would benefit your employees.

HR Insight™ Financial Analysis

See how health care claims affect your business with HR Insight™ Financial Analysis. This resource can help you:

  • Review expected claims in specific medical categories.
  • Identify areas where your company could save money.
  • Learn what you can change at your workplace to help reduce claims.

My Opportunities™

Encourage your employees to improve their health with an incentive program. Set up a customized program using My Opportunities™. This flexible incentive-management program is easy for both you and your employees to use. Use our program for:

  • Point-based or dollar-based incentives
  • Health benefit-based incentives

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