Tobacco cessation

Help employees stop smoking or using chewing tobacco with help from on-site tobacco cessation programs. Bring a ProHealth Care provider to your workplace to make it easier for employees to quit nicotine and improve their health.

Tobacco cessation program

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Your employees can participate in a six-month program that includes:

  • Individual medical evaluation
  • 12 visits with a health care provider 
  • Seven-week support group
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Option to use nicotine cessation medication

How tobacco cessation helps employees

Studies have shown that quitting smoking benefits both employers and employees. Smoking cessation programs can:

  • Help your employees stay healthy.
  • Increase employees’ productivity at work.
  • Lower health care costs and insurance rates.
  • Decrease the number of sick days your employees need.

Requirements for employees

To take part in an on-site tobacco cessation program, your employee must:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Have smoked or used nicotine for one year or more.
  • Smoke at least 15 cigarettes a day or use chewing tobacco.
  • Not be currently enrolled in a smoking cessation program or using nicotine replacement products.
  • Not have a history of seizures or untreated medical problems.

Program cost

On-site tobacco cessation costs $500 per person in the program. We recommend groups of 10 or 12 employees.

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