Mother and baby in hospital room with nurse

Labor and delivery

Enjoy comprehensive, personalized birthing care in a warm, welcoming environment. See why ProHealth Care delivers more babies than anyone else in Waukesha County.

High-quality birth care

Trust ProHealth for safe, high-quality birth care. ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital are Blue Distinction Centers for Maternity Care. That means we’ve demonstrated:

  • Excellent patient satisfaction
  • Few early elective deliveries (scheduling an induction or cesarean section before 39 weeks’ gestation when it’s not medically necessary)
  • Lower rates of episiotomies (surgical incisions to make delivery easier)
  • Lower rates of cesarean births for singleton pregnancies where the baby is positioned head-down

All-in-one birthing suites

Go through labor, delivery and recovery in a private, spacious birthing suite at ProHealth Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital or ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital. You’ll appreciate:

  • Private bathroom with a whirlpool tub
  • Large sofa bed for an overnight guest
  • Lots of seating for family and visitors
  • Rocking chair
  • Personal refrigerator
  • Complementary Wi-Fi
  • TV and DVD player

Room service

Take advantage of hotel-like room service from early morning until evening.

Pain relief options

Count on your ProHealth birth care team to help you access your choice of comfort measures and pain management options, such as:

  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils used to reduce anxiety and the perception of pain.
  • Epidural block – Anesthesia injected into your spine to numb the lower half of your body.
  • Guided imagery – Relaxation technique that helps reduce stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Hydrotherapy – Warm-water tub that provides comfort during labor and recovery.
  • Massage therapy – Hands-on pressure that can calm you and distract you from pain.

Cesarean births

If you need to deliver your baby surgically, you’ll appreciate dedicated suites for C-section births on the same floor as the labor and delivery rooms.

Recovery period

After birth, let your baby stay by your side so the two of you can bond.

Newborn photos

Let our professional photographer capture your baby’s first moments in your private suite. Share the photos with loved ones through our password-protected web nursery.

Daily quiet time

During daily quiet time, you and your baby and partner rest uninterrupted as the main hall lights dim. Your visitors can enjoy a spacious family lounge with a children’s play area until quiet time ends.

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    Taking care of someone with cancer involves new responsibilities and challenges. Worrying about your loved one and the future can be stressful. This group provides the opportunity to share and connect with other people who can relate to your experience.
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    1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Ask questions and get support from certified lactation consultants and other parents
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    Join a ProHealth Care dietitian for tips on navigating a restaurant menu and eating on-the-go.

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