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Internal medicine

Enjoy attentive, friendly primary care from a doctor who focuses on the needs of adults. Trust a ProHealth Medical Group internal medicine physician to help you maintain your health as you age.

What is internal medicine?

Doctors of internal medicine, or internists, provide primary care for adults – people 18 years old and over. They have deep, comprehensive knowledge of conditions that commonly affect adults. They also have special training to care for people with more than one long-term health condition.

Internal medicine services

Count on your internal medicine doctor for:

  • Care of illnesses and injuries
  • Annual physical exams
  • Immunizations, including flu shots and vaccines that protect against pneumonia
  • Help managing chronic health conditions
  • Help managing multiple medical conditions
  • Healthy lifestyle counseling
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Medicare annual wellness visits
  • Reproductive health care

Convenient care

Find ProHealth Medical Group internal medicine doctors at locations throughout Waukesha County – so you won’t have to go far to get the care you need. Our internal medicine doctors have regular early morning and evening hours. That means you have more options for appointments. If you need quick care that can’t wait for an appointment, make a reservation or walk in to any of our Waukesha County urgent care locations.

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Need an appointment?

To schedule a new patient visit, select the internist and location you prefer, and a date and time that works for you. It's fast and easy.


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