Geriatric rehabilitation

Improve your strength, mobility and balance with rehabilitation services designed especially for older adults. Take advantage of ProHealth Care therapy services dedicated to helping you age well.

What is geriatric rehabilitation?

Geriatric rehabilitation focuses on helping adults age 65 and older live as fully and independently as possible. Enjoy the benefits of a rehabilitation program designed to fit your needs, abilities and goals. Your care may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, vestibular therapy and/or speech therapy.

Experts in aging

Feel confident that your ProHealth rehabilitation team has advanced knowledge and experience caring for seniors. Our team includes physical therapists who are:

  • Certified in geriatrics
  • Certified Exercise Experts for Aging Adults 

Conditions we treat

Geriatric rehabilitation can help you or a loved one who has:

Senior woman driving a car.

Is it time to stop driving?

Protect yourself and others by keeping an eye on your driving abilities. Learn about driver safety evaluations with occupational therapists at ProHealth Care.

Your first appointment

Expect your therapist to begin by getting to know you. During your comprehensive assessment, your therapist will:

  • Review your medical history and current medications.
  • Ask about your daily activities and hobbies.
  • Discuss your home environment.
  • Perform simple tests of your:
    • Abilities
    • Balance
    • Mobility
    • Sensation
    • Strength
    • Vision

Custom rehabilitation plan

Work with your care team to create a rehabilitation plan that helps you remain active and independent. Your treatment focuses on your specific goals.

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Call 262-928-8830 to make an appointment with a ProHealth Care physical therapist – no referral necessary. Same-day and next-day appointments are available in some locations.

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