Speech therapy

If you or a family member is affected by a speech, language or swallowing disorder, turn to ProHealth Care. Improve symptoms with help from an experienced speech language pathologist in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

What’s a speech-language pathologist?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), or speech therapists, are experts in diagnosing and treating problems related to communication and feeding/swallowing.

Pediatric speech therapist working with girl.

Children’s speech therapy

Learn about pediatric rehabilitation services for babies, toddlers and school-age kids.

Conditions we treat

Ask your doctor for a referral to an SLP at ProHealth regarding:

  • Articulation disorders – Problems making sounds needed to speak clearly.
  • Cognitive-communication disorders – Difficulty communicating because of problems with thinking, attention or memory.
  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorders) – Trouble moving food or liquid through the mouth and throat.
  • Expressive disorders – Difficulty using words to convey thoughts or ideas.
  • Fluency disorders – Stuttering and other problems speaking smoothly.
  • Language disorders – Trouble understanding words or using them to express ideas.
  • Receptive disorders – Difficulty understanding or processing language.
  • Voice disorders – Problems with pitch, volume or tone of voice.

Personalized speech therapy

Work with your speech therapist to create a personalized treatment plan. Trust your SLP to find individual approaches and strategies.

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Ask for a referral

If your doctor recommends therapy to treat your condition, ask for a referral to ProHealth Care. For more information, contact a rehabilitation services location near you.

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