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Senior health services

Partner with specialists at ProHealth Care in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to create a personalized plan that addresses your or your loved one’s age-related health concerns.

How does senior health services help?

During one convenient appointment, receive a comprehensive assessment and personalized care plan that helps you or a loved one age 65 or older:

  • Adjust to changes brought on by aging.
  • Connect with community resources.
  • Improve or maintain physical and mental health.
  • Maintain independence.

Your senior health experts

With our team approach to care, you’ll benefit from the specialized knowledge and experience of:

  • Geriatrician - Physician who specializes in caring for older adults.
  • Nurse practitioner (NP) - Assesses your physical health and coordinates your senior health services team.
  • Psychiatrist – Specializes in mental health care, including dementia care.
  • Social worker – Connects you with community resources and services.
  • Community health nurse – Available for home visits to support patient's post-appointment needs.

Before your visit

Expect a phone call from one of our team members, either our nurse practitioner, social worker or nurse, before your senior health services appointment can be scheduled. The phone screening determines what type of appointment you will need. We’ll:

  • Ask about the reason for your visit.
  • Discuss concerns you want to be addressed at the visit.
  • Confirm whether an evaluation is right for you or your loved one.
  • Send you a welcome packet that includes a patient history form and other important reminders.

What to bring

To get the most out of your appointment, we will be asking you to bring:

  • Completed patient history form which includes medical history, examples of mood or memory changes and safety concerns such as difficulty moving, falling, or changes that affect driving.
  • Current medications (prescription and over-the-counter) in their original packages.
  • Questions you want to discuss.
  • Current Healthcare Power of Attorney or Living Will.
  • Insurance cards.
  • Eyeglasses and hearing aids.

Bring a family member or caregiver

A caregiver or family member should come with you to this appointment. If you’ve chosen a health care agent, bring that person to your appointment. A health care agent is a person who makes health care decisions for you when you cannot do so. Learn more about health care agents and advance care planning.

Your appointment

Plan on about two to three hours for your appointment depending upon the type of appointment.

Comprehensive assessment

You'll start with a comprehensive assessment that includes:

  • Review of medical history and medications
  • Physical exam
  • Memory assessment

Personalized care plan

Following the assessment, meet with the senior health services team to:

  • Review your test results.
  • Discuss your health conditions and treatment options.
  • Receive recommendations for follow-up tests and services, including home safety visits.
  • Learn about community resources.
  • Talk about what housing options might be right for you.

You’ll get a summary of your visit, including your personalized care plan, at your appointment.

If needed, follow-up appointments may be made with a member of your Senior Health Services team to help you and your family with implementing the evaluation recommendations.

Senior woman using a walker in rehabilitation services.

Senior rehabilitation

Learn about rehabilitation services especially for older adults. See how geriatric rehabilitation at ProHealth Care helps adults age 65 and older build strength, mobility and balance.

Coordinated care

Feel confident you’ll get coordinated care from your ProHealth Care team. We’ll send a summary of your appointment to your primary care provider and add it to your medical record. See your records online through MyChart.


Medicare and most supplemental insurance plans cover the cost of your assessment. Contact your insurance provider to find out what’s included in your plan.

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Ask for a referral

If you feel a senior health services consultation is right for you, call ProHealth Care at 262-928-7898 for information.

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