Published on December 02, 2019

Construction at ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital  changes access to east entrance

A construction project to renovate the east entry at ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital will require that all those entering the building at that location use the underground tunnel between the parking ramp and the hospital starting Monday, Dec. 2.ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital 2020 east entry project.

In the interest of safety, the hospital’s east side driveway, entrance and main hallway will be closed to all foot traffic during construction. The parking ramp will continue to be accessible throughout the project, and valet parking will continue to be available. Signs will help route people from the ramp to the hospital and also to emergency exit pathways.

People parking in the ramp will use the elevator or stairs to descend to the tunnel entrance, tunnel walkway and the hospital’s first floor. Volunteers will be on hand to direct people to specific hospital and physician office building services.

All medical services will continue to be available during construction.

ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital 2020 east entry project.

The yearlong construction project will transform the east entry. A defining feature of the project will be a large canopy that will encircle the patient drop-off area, protecting people from inclement weather. The canopy will extend to the parking ramp entrance.

The project will also relocate the hospital’s retail pharmacy to a more central location on the same floor.

Outpatient rehabilitation and other services will be relocated to a wing on the north side of the hospital, making them more easily accessible. A new registration and waiting area will be created in the wing.

Here’s what hospital and physician office building visitors need to know:

Access to the physician office building: As you exit the tunnel from the parking ramp, turn left and then take the elevator across from ProHealth Neuroscience Care to the appropriate floor.

Access to the hospital: As you exit the tunnel, turn left and then take the elevator to the second floor to access the pharmacy, gift shop, 725 Grille or lobby conference room 1, 2 or 3. Or turn right as you exit the tunnel and walk to the west entrance for help finding a patient room or hospital department.

Access to the retail pharmacy: The pharmacy will remain open during construction. It is expected to move to its new location in the spring.

Access to the gift shop: The gift shop will remain open during construction. A temporary entrance will make it accessible from the north dining area of the 725 Grille.

Access to bus service: The Waukesha Metro Transit bus stop near the physician office building won’t be used during the construction project. Bus riders will be picked up and dropped off at the five bus stops located along Lawndale Avenue.

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