Published on January 08, 2019

ProHealth Care and UW Health announce partnership for heart and vascular care

ProHealth Care and UW Health are extending their clinical partnership to encompass heart and vascular care. The two organizations will collaborate to enhance the advanced heart and vascular services available to ProHealth patients in Waukesha County and surrounding communities.

"Working with UW Health, we will take our program to a new level of excellence," said Susan Edwards, ProHealth Care's chief executive officer. "This partnership will provide important benefits for our patients." 

The new partnership expands on a highly successful collaboration between the two organizations on cancer services.

“We share with ProHealth Care an intense focus on improving the quality of care, and we are excited to begin this new partnership,” said Alan Kaplan, MD, chief executive officer of UW Health. “Our cancer care relationship has demonstrated what we can achieve together.”

ProHealth Care's newly opened heart and vascular center on the campus of ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital will be named the UW Health Heart & Vascular Center at ProHealth Care. The center brings together in one convenient location all of ProHealth Care's outpatient heart and vascular services.

ProHealth’s heart and vascular services are provided by a team of more than 300 professionals. Among them are cardiologists, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, electrophysiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiac rehabilitation experts, specialized nurses and others.

UW Health has one of the country’s leading academic heart and vascular programs, offering advanced treatments for people with heart and vascular disease. The UW Health program includes care for the sickest of patients, including those requiring ventricular assist devices and heart transplants.

Under a clinical co-management agreement, ProHealth Care and UW Health will work together to enhance the quality and breadth of heart and vascular services offered at ProHealth's hospitals and clinics. UW Health will provide both medical and administrative oversight for the program. 

The newly constructed UW Health Heart & Vascular Center at ProHealth Care is a freestanding building on the northwest corner of the ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital campus. Patients visit the center for cardiac and vascular diagnostics, provider office visits and consultations, and cardiac rehabilitation. Heart and vascular surgery, related interventional services and inpatient care continue to be provided within the hospital.

Two of ProHealth Care’s cardiothoracic surgeons are clinical professors of surgery at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and have part-time clinical practices in Madison. They are Art Coffey, MD, and Mark Stout, MD. Dr. Coffey also serves as chief physician operations officer for ProHealth Care.

The partnership for heart and vascular care follows the cancer partnership that ProHealth Care and UW Health began in 2015. That partnership has significantly enhanced the services and programs available to ProHealth patients. The centerpiece of the partnership is the UW Cancer Center at ProHealth Care, which opened in July 2015 just off Interstate 94 in Pewaukee. Cancer services also are offered in Mukwonago and Oconomowoc.

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