Published on July 18, 2019

RAPID CTP is the new gold standard in emergency stroke care

It’s an exciting time for medical professionals who treat stroke and their patients. A standout technology is allowing for significantly shorter time to diagnose and treat emergency stroke patients.

The technology is called RAPID CTP. It’s a software program that uses artificial intelligence to dramatically speed up advanced CT perfusion image processing, digital communication between medical professionals, and time to treatment.

Most strokes result from a clot that blocks the brain’s supply of blood and oxygen. For these strokes – called ischemic strokes – every minute counts. In most cases, the earlier a life-threatening blockage can be broken up or removed, the better the patient outcome.

RAPID CT perfusion software is the most advanced brain imaging software available for identifying treatment options for stroke patients. At hospitals that have RAPID CTP – which first became available in 2018 – doctors can quickly and clearly visualize reductions in blood flow to the brain and early signs of brain injury.

The technology provides detailed, objective images, allowing for increased accuracy and speed in image interpretation by the stroke care team.

Immediate, real-time imaging results are transferred directly from the CT scanner to physicians via secure email or a special mobile app. The software calculates how much brain tissue has suffered permanent tissue loss, compared to the amount of brain tissue injury that can be reversed with stroke interventional treatment.

Before the software was introduced, it took about 20 minutes for CT perfusion images to be processed. With RAPID CTP, physicians can now receive images within 90 seconds. They use the same software to instantly and securely notify the rest of the medical team that a stroke patient needs emergency treatment.

Emergency stroke care

When patients present to an emergency department with an acute stroke, they receive an immediate clinical evaluation, a CT scan and potentially intravenous tPA clot-busting medicine. CT angiography and CT perfusion imaging uses advanced imaging techniques using intravenous dye to “map” the location of the blockage and determine how much brain tissue can be rescued.

Hospitals including ProHealth Waukesha Memorial Hospital that have the capability to treat eligible stroke patients with mechanical thrombectomy use the digital mapping to determine whether the patient is a candidate for direct removal of the blockage.

Mechanical thrombectomy is a minimally invasive endovascular surgery where the doctor navigates through the vascular system, as they guide a catheter to the blood clot causing the stroke. The physician uses retrieval devices to remove the clot from the blood vessel to restore blood flow and oxygenation to the brain.

Medical research shows that patients have a 60 percent to 70 percent chance of having good, independent functional outcomes with thrombectomy, versus 25 percent to 30 percent with IV tPA medicine alone.

Digital imaging, IV tPA and mechanical thrombectomy are already front-line technologies in the fight against blood clots in the brain. RAPID CTP now presents another major technological advantage for stroke patients.

The technology has the broadest FDA clearance of any imaging software designed to measure blood flow in the brain and is the only platform in its class clinically validated in more than 10 major medical trials. It has become an important life-saving tool in acute stroke care.

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