Published on January 14, 2022

Mask requirements and visitation restrictions

ProHealth recognizes how important visitors are for the well-being of patients. Currently, as the COVID-19 virus spreads rapidly in our community and the number of hospitalized patients increases, it is necessary for us to limit visitation. We do this to protect patients, other visitors and health care workers. Our goal is to limit the spread of the virus and to make sure we have the resources required to care for patients. We follow science-based recommendations in setting our visitor policy.

Medical-grade masks must be worn at all times by employees and everyone else who enters a ProHealth location. Acceptable options are surgical masks and N95 or KN95 masks. These masks are more effective than cloth face coverings in preventing the spread of the virus. If needed, surgical masks will be made available for patients and visitors.

The high transmission rate of the COVID-19 virus puts visitors and health care workers at risk of getting sick and further spreading the virus. We are no longer allowing visitors in our hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care locations and clinics. 

Some exceptions apply and include:

  • Pre-surgery: One visitor permitted.
  • Labor and delivery: One spouse or companion.
  • Neonatal intensive care: Two parents or guardians.
  • Emergency departments: One parent or guardian for patients younger than 18.
  • Clinic office visits: One parent or guardian for patients younger than 18 or two for newborns.
  • Outpatient cancer: One companion.
  • Patients with disabilities or dementia: One companion.
  • Patients at the end of life: Up to three visitors allowed.
  • Discharges: One companion to hear instructions.

In all cases, the visitors allowed by exception must be 18 or older and cannot change during a patient’s hospitalization. They must also be free from symptoms of COVID-19.

Family members are encouraged to connect with hospitalized patients by phone or through video applications. Hospital staff can make tablets available to patients as needed.

Upcoming events

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    Join us for a virtual breastfeeding support group led by certified lactation consultants.
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    Complete the online content whenever it is convenient for you, then join one of our live “virtual” sessions with an educator and get all of your questions answered.
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    Our support group provides survivors and families with the education, resources and support that you may need.

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