Financial assistance and payment plans

If you’re concerned about your ability to pay for care, talk with us about ways to make your ProHealth Care medical bills easier to manage.

Financial assistance program

Count on ProHealth to provide emergency care and other medically necessary care to everyone who lives in our service area, regardless of ability to pay. If you can’t afford your tests or treatments, apply for the ProHealth Care Financial Assistance Program.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for financial assistance if you:

  • Live in the ProHealth Care service area, which includes areas of Dodge, Jefferson, Racine, Walworth and Waukesha counties.
  • Meet income guidelines.
  • Don’t have other ways to pay for medically necessary services.

How to apply

Whenever possible, apply for financial assistance before you receive care. Download a financial assistance application [PDF] or get one from the registration desk at either of our hospitals or any ProHealth Medical Group location. Or, call 866-432-7855 and ask to have a copy mailed to you.

Return the completed application to:

[Insert mailing address and/or note locations where patients can drop off this document]

If you apply for assistance before receiving care, we’ll let you know if your application is approved within five business days of receiving it.

If you apply for assistance after receiving care, we’ll let you know if your application is approved within 10 business days of receiving it.

Financial assistance policy

Read our complete financial assistance policy [PDF] for details about eligibility and requirements.

Payment plans

You may be able to spread out payments for your medical bills for up to two years. Ask our financial counselors about setting up an interest-free monthly payment plan. We’ll consider the amount you owe, your ability to pay, and more to create a plan that works for your budget.

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Call 866-432-7855 to learn more about paying for care at ProHealth Care.

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