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Cost of care

Get an idea of what your test, procedure or hospital stay at ProHealth Care may cost. Review pricing information and standard rates for our health system in southeastern Wisconsin.

Understanding prices

ProHealth Care partners with the Wisconsin Hospital Association to share price information for common hospitalizations and outpatient procedures. Price reports show median charges and estimated insurance or Medicare payments for cases without complications.

We also publish lists of our standard rates, including standard charges for diagnosis-related groups (DRGs). DRGs group together all charges from a hospitalization.

The amount you are billed will vary based on the specific care you need, your health insurance, and your out-of-pocket costs like deductibles, copays or coinsurance. See estimated coinsurance for Medicare.

Using pricing information

Pricing and rate information can be a good starting point when making decisions about where to receive care. To get a complete picture of the best choice for you, consider:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Personal preferences
  • Pricing information
  • Quality data

Learn more

Visit PricePoint, a website from the Wisconsin Hospital Association, to:
  • Learn more about hospital charge information.
  • Discover why charges may differ among hospitals.
  • Compare Wisconsin hospital prices.

View pricing information

See pricing information for common hospitalizations and outpatient procedures at:

Or, download spreadsheets showing:

Standard rates spreadsheets are published in accordance with CMS-1694-F, IPPS FY 2019 Final Rule. Rates are current as of Oct. 1, 2019 and are subject to change.

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