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Ethics Committee

When you need help making hard choices about medical care at ProHealth Care, ask to meet with a member of our ethics committee. You’ll find caring professionals who can help you make decisions that fit your family’s values and beliefs.

What’s an ethics committee?

The ethics committee is a group of ProHealth staff and community members who help address moral issues and decision-making in health care. Our committee includes people with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

What does the ethics committee do?

The ProHealth ethics committee aims to improve care and patient outcomes at all our facilities. Rely on us to:

  • Help you make decisions that respect a patient’s values, concerns and interests.
  • Mediate discussions and help resolve conflicts related to hospitalization, treatment and other health care decisions.
  • Talk through ethical principals.
  • Make health care information and policies more clear.
  • Help develop and review hospital policies.

Ethics consultations

You can request a free ethics consultation if you’re a ProHealth patient, family member or health care professional. Consultations are available at all ProHealth locations.

All consultations are confidential.

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To request an ethics consultation, call 262-928-1000.

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