Named funds and endowments

Provide ongoing support to programs and services in Waukesha County through a named fund or endowment with ProHealth Care Foundation.

What is an endowment?

Named funds and endowments provide ongoing support and services at ProHealth Care. Gifts can be added to any of the funds listed, or you can start a new, named fund or endowment by working with our staff.

Contribute to a current fund

Contribute to any of our existing funds:

  • Andrea & Tony Bryant Endowed Fund for Community Benefit
  • AngelsGrace Hospice Endowed Fund
  • B.J. Schumacher, MD, Scholarship
  • Barbara & Frederick Syrjanen Endowment for AngelsGrace Hospice
  • Barbara Lettenberger Endowed Fund
  • Brigette & Dakota Zoeller Memorial Fund for NICU
  • Brzezinski Endowed Fund for NICU and Birthing Center
  • Carol A. Harry Angel of Hope Endowed Fund
  • Chris/Jere Sullivan Endowed Fund for Intensive Care Nursing Education
  • Continuing Medical Education Endowment
  • Dan & Chris Blask Family Health and Wellness Endowed Fund
  • Don Fundingsland Endowed Fund for Chaplaincy
  • Donald M. Stone Endowment for Patient Transportation
  • Dr. Fox Memorial
  • Dr. Joan Casey Memorial Endowment for Breast Cancer Research
  • Ellery W. & Doris J. Clayton Endowed Fund
  • Evelyn K. Hughes Scholarship Endowment
  • Ford & Bobbe Titus Extraordinary Care Award Fund
  • Gary Buerstatte & Anna Pepelnjak Community Benefit Endowment
  • Gertrude & Fred Schmidt Endowed Fund for the D.N. Greenwald Center
  • Glen & Mardell Weir Scholarship
  • James & Suzanna Lacy Endowment
  • John & Barbara Nevins Endowed Fund
  • John T. Underberg Research Fund
  • June E. Lovrine Endowed Fund for the Regional Cancer Center
  • Kay & Peter Lettenberger Endowed Fund
  • Laverne Jahnke Endowment Fund
  • LeMarbre-Safro Fund
  • Lodes Endowment for Clinical Excellence
  • Marian E. Bartos Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Jane Gruber Spirit Fund
  • Mary T. Wimmer Endowment for Breast Cancer Research
  • Moreland ENT Physicians Endowed Fund
  • Ott H. Leverenz Family Endowed Fund
  • Padmaja Doniparthi, MD & Anil Doniparthi, MD Endowed Fund for Neurosciences and Pain Management
  • Padmaja Doniparthi, MD & Anil Doniparthi, MD Endowed Fund for Palliative Care
  • Patricia F. Monroe Endowed Fund for the Regional Cancer Center
  • S & WI Radiation Oncology Endowed Fund
  • Schowalter Family AngelsGrace Hospice Chaplaincy Endowed Fund
  • Susan (Andreini) Agnew Endowed Fund
  • Teresa Krier's Endowment Fund
  • The Olson Community Partnership Award
  • The Spence Family Endowment Fund
  • William Randolph Hearst Fund
  • WomenConnected Endowed Fund
  • Zachary Raitmaier Endowed Fund

Upcoming events

  • Jun
    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Taking care of someone with cancer involves new responsibilities and challenges. Worrying about your loved one and the future can be stressful. This group provides the opportunity to share and connect with other people who can relate to your experience.
  • Jun
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Join us for a virtual breastfeeding support group led by certified lactation consultants.
  • Jun
    10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    Are you heading for a fall? Like many people, you may not realize you are at risk for being injured by a fall.

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