Third-party events

ProHealth Care Foundation appreciates efforts to fundraise on our behalf. Gifts may be directed without restriction to support areas of greatest need, or donors may allocate funds for a specific program or facility.

ProHealth Care Foundation has a fiduciary duty to ensure:

  • Our name is being used properly.
  • Funds are handled and accounted for in a reasonable manner.
  • Fundraising events are conducted in a manner consistent with ProHealth Care’s mission and public image.

If we have concerns about your event and our concerns are not addressed immediately, we reserve the right to withdraw the use of our name and logo and cancel this agreement with no penalty to ProHealth Care or the Foundation.

Event review and approval

Fundraising for any ProHealth Care entity or department is subject to review by the ProHealth Care Foundation. Therefore, it is important that you complete and return your Third-Party Event Application and receive written approval from us prior to publicizing, promoting or conducting your event. Please allow two weeks for Foundation staff to review and respond to your proposal.

If your Third-Party Event is approved, you will receive a written letter of authorization from the Foundation. Approval status will remain in effect for 12 months from the date of the letter. After 12 months have expired, event organizers must reapply for approval using this same process.

It is rare that third-party fundraising events are not approved. The Foundation reserves the right to deny your event if we feel the event is inappropriate or directly conflicts with one of our signature events. You will receive written notice if your event is not approved.


All fundraising events must comply with all local, state and federal laws.

The third-party entity shall indemnify and hold harmless ProHealth Care, its officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, suits, actions, causes of action, liability, loss, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorney fees and costs, which are sustained, incurred or required and which arise out of the acts or omissions of any guest, participant, organizer, visitor, vendor or other person planning, organizing or attending the sponsored event at issue; and that the third-party entity shall do so regardless of whose act, omission or conduct is a cause or is the cause of the obligation to pay; and including all such damages that the third-party entity including its officers, employees and agents or that ProHealth Care including its officers, employees and agents become obligated to pay. This provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

At the discretion of ProHealth Care, you may be required to obtain any necessary permits and insurance, in the amounts and according to terms identified by ProHealth Care, and if so required to provide proof of such insurance naming ProHealth Care as an insured entity no later than 10 days following the signing of this Agreement.

Event promotion and logo use

The name(s) and logo(s) are service marks of ProHealth Care and cannot be used without written permission from the Foundation. The names and/or logos of any ProHealth Care entity must be used as provided. The approval of the use of ProHealth Care’s name(s) and/or logo(s) expires at the conclusion of the event. If you wish to use the ProHealth Care’s name(s) and/or logo(s) following the conclusion of your event, you must seek re-approval from the Foundation.

ProHealth Care Foundation must approve all pieces bearing the ProHealth Care name and/or logo before they are printed or distributed. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic promotions, websites, social media posts, blogs, enewsletters, press releases, invitations, brochures, letters and flyers.

Any promotional materials must clearly state that your event is raising funds to benefit ProHealth Care. Please contact us for proper wording regarding a specific entity or department.

The Foundation or ProHealth Care cannot guarantee media coverage.

Financial guidelines

Event organizers are responsible for covering all expenses, including any necessary license or permit fees, and will not be reimbursed by ProHealth Care or the Foundation.

The Foundation cannot provide our tax exemption number for use by the event organizers.

The sponsoring organization, group, or individual will submit net event proceeds to the Foundation within 60 days of the event, unless the Foundation previously approves a different date.

Tax deduction and donor acknowledgement

The Foundation is able to provide tax receipts for donations collected at your event if checks are made payable to ProHealth Care Foundation and include the donor’s complete name and mailing address.

A participant or donor must be informed that the tax-deductible portion of their payment is only the amount that is over and above what was received in goods or services. For example, if a participant pays $100 to play in a golf outing and the cost of the golfer is $75, then the tax-deductible amount is $25.

Please call the Foundation with questions regarding tax deductions or donor acknowledgements.

Role of the Foundation

ProHealth Care Foundation is able to provide the following once your event has been approved:

  • Letter stating the approval of the event
  • ProHealth Care’s logo for use on your event’s promotional materials
  • Promotion of event to employees, volunteers, visitors and patients as deemed appropriate
  • Event information listed on our website
  • ProHealth Care and Foundation promotional and educational materials, such as flyers, brochures and donation envelopes
  • Tax receipts, if applicable
  • Recognition of the event through opportunities such as check presentations, social media posts or newsletter or website articles or photos (We reserve the right to use the appropriate platform for recognition)

We will make every effort to accommodate your request for speakers and/or attendance of ProHealth Care or Foundation staff, but please understand that scheduling is sometimes difficult for our physicians and clinical staff.

The Foundation is unable to provide the following:

  • Organization of event, such as location, venue and/or date
  • Administrative functions, such as materials design, accounting, managing invitation and attendance lists or mailings, etc.
  • Media coverage or external promotion (i.e. press releases, newspaper ads, etc.)
  • Funding or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Mail or email lists, i.e. donor lists, patient lists, employee lists, physician lists, etc.
  • Application for gaming licenses for bingos, raffles and the like
  • Prizes, auction items or awards

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